Brian & En Shuen

We just did our wedding solemnization at this beautiful restaurant last week. We would like to thank Alan and his team for their help from the specially made props, fairy lights, rustic blue theme and the table set up. The service given to us by Alan is excellent from the day we met him just a month before the actual date. He was very accommodating in letting us use the venue a few times for our rehearsal as well as to test our live stream set up. The food served on the day itself was truly delectable. Highly recommend TBG to anyone who wants to have a memorable ROM set up by a truly dedicated team 👍! – 21 Nov 2020

Young Yi & Jie Li

Friendly and helpful staff coupled with delicious food! Highly recommend! – 19 sept 2020

Kenny & Qian Hui

My husband and I had booked The Blue Ginger for our solemnisation. It was an intimate ceremony and we were looking for a cozy venue that served up Asian cuisine (to fit the tastebuds of our older relatives). We stumbled upon The Blue Ginger, and we fell in love with the venue immediately, with the shophouse front, and the Peranakan-styled interior. We liaised with Alan and Rena, who worked to make the event a success. We didn’t have much to worry about, as they are very experienced with conducting events at their venue. We chose the menu, theme, provided them with the itinerary, and left the rest to them. They decorated and set up the venue, which meant that we didn’t have to DIY anything or engage an external vendor. Many of our guests commented that the food was really good, and they really enjoyed it. Will definitely be back again for the food! – 19 Dec 2020

Kok Way & Derina

My wife and I just had our ROM at the restaurant. Kudos to Alan, Rena and team for the wonderful decorations. Pls reach out to them for guaranteed wonderful and beautiful intimate wedding 😊 – 8 Feb 2020

Nicholas & Salina

Dear Alan and team, thank you for all the hard work and effort put into the decorations. It was indeed a beautiful setup, and it will be a memory we will cherish. The decorations were so personalised which added a cosy feel to the entire event. The food was sedap as always, but this time validated as well by all the guests. Sal and I are very very grateful 🙏🏼 – 26 Dec 2020

Stedston & Sara

We had our ROM lunch on 10/10/2020. The decor done by Alan and his team were impressive and exceeded our expectations. The food was wonderful and the service provided by the staff was great. Fantastic effort put up by Alan and his team! Would greatly recommend The Blue Ginger for event celebrations, mini-gatherings, or even just for simple meal. Thumbs up! – 10 Oct 2020

Ze Yong & Xin Wen

My husband and I hold a small ROM ceremony at The Blue Ginger level 2. Apart from the good food (not kidding, it’s even better than those big hotel banquet food), Alan, Rena and the team had decorated the space beautifully. They even painted a Totoro for me! They are also able to adjust the food menu to specific needs in case of any food allergy. I highly recommend TBG if you are planning to hold an intimate wedding party! Thanks again to all the friendly staff at TBG, we had a wonderful time there! – 27 Feb 2021

Zhang Kai & Li Fang

Was really lucky to hold our solemnization at the blue ginger! The staff were very helpful & the venue was cosy 🙂 no chance to try their food due to the restrictions, but will find a chance to try some other days. Thank you! – 19 June 2021

Ye Naung & May

I did my Solemnization at the blue ginger restaurant with just my very close friends. Due to sudden announcement about wedding ban from government 3 days before our wedding, I was really desperate to find a new place because our hotel couldn’t accommodate our needs.

Alan and his team were very easy to talk to. They were very attentive and helpful also. Thanks to them our Solemnization went smoothly. We requested Sage them decorations and it was just our liking. Highly recommend this place if you’re looking for a venue with cozy atmosphere. – 22nd June 2021